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Interning at JD ELLEN 

Interns at JD Ellen Manufacturing, Inc. will have the opportunity to work in many different departments, follow projects, and get hands-on experience with the manufacturing process. A typical internship, or new hire or temp, at JD Ellen, begins in the Assembly department. This allows those new to our shop floor to get familiar with our processes and the layout of the shop. In Assembly, one learns how the JD Ellen Team communicates job timelines, upholds a LEAN culture, and the basics of our process of how we handle parts and tools.

Though most will start in Assembly the duration of an internship varies based on interest and talent. Whether that be design, machining, automation, process improvement, or quality assurance our goal is to ensure that both the JD Ellen Team and the intern feels that their time was well spent as a part of the

JD Ellen Team.

Hear From Past Interns

How to Apply

We request a video resume shared with us via a YouTube link in the form below. To learn more about video resumes and how to effectively create one check out SkillRoads blog post about them. 

Besides your education, credentials, and past experience see 5 STAR   questions and pick a few to help us get to know you better.

Come Work With Us

Thanks for applying! We will be in touch!

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